Turning Emotion into Currency


Mood Marketing: How to Emotionally Connect with your audience?

Some of our clients match their advertising to moods of the season such as joy, excitement or sadness. 

Utilising emotionally triggering content in marketing can change the way a viewer interacts with an advertisement, increasing personal connection and even virality.

By infusing emotions into your marketing tactics you push the interaction with your audience beyond transactional to experiential.

But, not all emotional marketing tactics are created equal. When executed poorly or just slightly missing the mark, audiences can immediately recognise when emotion does not align with the product or content.

It can be harder and harder to balance the emotion you want to evoke while maintaining brand authenticity.

So, what should businesses keep in mind when targeting consumers by mood?

With over 20 years of experience behind us, we've assembled our top 10 tips for nailing emotion in your marketing tactics.

1. Know your brand and your market

2. Be genuine, authentic & HONEST

3. Discover what's below the mood

4. Build empathy for your customers first

5. Don't let mood marketing be a solitary tactic

6. Moods can be transitionary

7. Build trust & security

8. Understand the neuroscience

9. Realise mood may nullify your call to action

10. EARN emotion, don't force it

12. Take it seriously - don't exploit the trust you've earned, double down!

Taken on an iPhone 4 - GWS Giants first-ever team photo at Breakfast Point. 9th February 2012.

“From filling stadiums with passionate fans to living rooms mood is the start of creating a brand experience that turns customers into loyal fans of your brand.”

Lyndall Murray, Founder, One Seed Social.

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