Hyde & Stone is an ethical slow fashion brand focused on creating a sustainable future for fashion.

Hyde & Stone is a conscious fashion label founded by slow fashion advocate Jemyma Kavanagh in Byron Bay.

Inspired by a creative spirit nurtured by her Nan, Gail, Jemyma takes pride in creating handmade garments from raw luxury materials.

Jemyma recalls growing up wearing handmade clothes crafted by her Nan. These memories of timeless quality and family connection ignited her creative vision for the brand.

“We focus on getting the smallest detail right in production to make sure each item is the best quality and, importantly, long lasting,’ Jemyma says. ‘I never want my creations to be throw away items’..”

Jemyma sees Hyde & Stone as a solution to the global fast fashion crisis. Fast fashion has had a profound impact on people and the planet, leading to 60% more clothing consumed annually compared to 20 years ago. We’re also throwing out items twice as fast as we used to.

The human cost is atrocious. Last year, 700 children were taken out of a school in Kazakhstan to harvest cotton for fast fashion brands. They were forced to work gruelling 13 hour days with less than a half hour break, UNICEF claims.

Millennials and Gen-Z consumers and designers like Jemyma are reacting and responding to the lack of ethical practices of fast fashion clothing producers. These generations represent the most conscious consumers in the modern market.

Millennials and Gen-Zs have high expectations of brands, with 95% saying they’d change their purchase decision if a brand actively invested in ethical and sustainable business practices.

They are demanding that companies produce responsibility and fairly, voicing concerns and wielding their purchasing power by shopping for products aligned with values like supply chain transparency, human rights and freedom.

It’s exciting to think about the positive impact this rising generation of consumers and designers will have on the world.

Like to learn more? Get in touch: hello@oneseedsocial.com

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