Brand Spotlight Outland Denim

Brand Spotlight: Outland Denim

Some of our clients match their advertising to moods of the season such as joy, excitement or sadness. 

We are sharing this today to help raise awareness for the World’s heartbreaking $155B problem – Human Trafficking.

Today is the @unitednations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which shines a light on this social injustice.

So we thought we would look at a purpose driven brand who is helping raise awareness to prevent and uses the profits of their business to solve Human Trafficking.

This is one of my favorite brands that are leading the way in transforming the way we do business. By putting purpose at the heart of their organisation, Outland Denim is giving customers a quality product while using the profits to solve one of the world’s most heartbreaking problems Human Trafficking.

“Human Trafficking effects 40 million people worldwide, 1 in 6 work within the fashion industry and less than 2% of these workers earn a living wage..”

James Bartel, Founder, Outland Denim

Video from Outland Denim Instagram

This is the human cost of the clothes we wear.

These stats gets even sadder when we look at the whole supply chain of the fashion industry, International Labour Organisation estimates 170 MILLION children are engaged in child labor, or 11% of the global population of children - from weeding cotton fields, picking cotton, to spinning mills and cutting patterns child labor is rampant.

Individual actions or choices can shift the dial, when demand increases for products sold by ethical brands like @OutlandDenim and @Veja, the market analysts in big fashion houses see this good way of doing business is "trending" and they will pivot their operations to compete. If Outland Denim can succeed in influencing this kind of global change and the 2% moves to 10% of people earning a living wage, society is on the way to contributing towards real change.

I hope in my lifetime the idea of using business as an agent of change and a purveyor of positive values becomes a part of the DNA of doing business.

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